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Phoenix Phall Phunfest – Phriday Evening Exclusive

In less than two months enthusiasts can enjoy one of the most popular events at Knoebels – Phoenix Phall Phunfest. Because of the positive feedback received last year, Knoebels, in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, is hosting a Friday evening exclusive event again, meaning PPP will run on both October 7 and 8.

Haunted Antique Cars will be part of the exclusive event, as well as rides on Phoenix. Knoebels is also working on a third, surprise ride that will operate during Hallo-Fun, and the park hopes to have it ready for October 7.

The exclusive Friday evening event will be held in Phoenix courtyard and will run an hour longer than last year's event. It will also include light refreshments, live entertainment and more. Members of approved enthusiast clubs can preregister, and each member can bring one guest. A current, valid coaster club ID card (or a driver's license for non–card carrying clubs) is required at the registration check-in to gain access to Friday's event, as well as at the handstamp office to receive a Phunfest coupon pack. Registration for Friday evening can be accessed at . Registration for the Phunfest exclusive event ends Thursday, October 6, at noon.

Phunfest coupon packs are provided to approved coaster club members who purchase any of the Saturday ride plans. The Phunfest coupon pack includes tickets for two slices of Cesari's pizza, a drink and a game and a Haunted Mansion ticket. Preregistration will not be required for Saturday.

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