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Renovation Plans for Lakemont Park

Historic Lakemont Park in Altoona, Pennsylvania, will be closed from Memorial Day to Labor Day this year. The plan is to give the park a facelift, with new attractions. It will reopen on Friday, November 17, 2017, for the 21st Annual Holiday Lights On The Lake.

Changes planned for Lakemont Park include replacing some of the older amusement rides with a new miniature golf course, batting cages, playgrounds, basketball and sand volleyball courts, and expanded picnic areas, while keeping and enhancing attractions, such as the waterpark, paddle boats, train, roller coasters, antique cars, and go-karts.

These changes will give Lakemont Park the feel of a traditional community park, as well as a family entertainment center. It will also make the park affordable to all guests, as admission will be free and attractions will be available on a per use basis and in discounted packages. There will be food concessions, as well as picnic pavilions and catering for groups. Special events will be planned, such as basketball and volleyball tournaments, as well as July 4th fireworks and more.

We're happy to report that ACE's sources tell us that the park's two wooden roller coasters are safe and will be a part of the renovated park.

The Park will be open daily from late May through early September beginning in 2018.

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