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New Roller Coaster Coming To Disney's Hollywood Studios

On August 15 at D23, a biannual fan conference in Anaheim, California, the Walt Disney Company announced that Disney's Hollywood Studios, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, will get a major makeover with a new "land" based on the movie "Toy Story."

The 11-acre Toy Story Land will be based on the characters in Andy's backyard. Guests will feel like they are shrunk to the size of a toy. The land will include two major attractions. Visitors will ride on the back of Slinky Dog in a family coaster. On a second ride, the Toy Story green aliens will take people for a spin on their own flying saucers, with the famous arcade-game claw looming over them. In addition, the existing Toy Story Mania ride will get a third track.

Included in the announcement was a 14-acre Star Wars Land at Hollywood Studios and at Animal Kingdom, Disney is creating Pandora, based on the movie "Avatar," set to open in 2017.

No timelines were given for the new Toy Story or Star Wars lands.


Disney/Pixar. View full-sized image.
Disney/Pixar. View full-sized image.
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