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Knott's Berry Farm Releases More News on Ghostrider Renovation and Ghost Town's 75th Anniversary

Beyond the project to rejuvenate the massive wooden Ghostrider (Bill-McNulty / Custom Coasters, 1998), Knott's Ghost Town will introduce a new approach to the many scenes and experiences of the California park's signature village. New live entertainment and interactive exhibits throughout Ghost Town, including new shows at the renovated Calico Saloon and Wagon Camp, will combine with an extensive re-do of Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant to honor the big anniversary in 2016.

Of course, if not for Ghost Town – which itself was spawned as a diversion for waiting diners in the early 1940s – there would be no Ghostrider. It's been announced that Great Coasters International, Inc., has designed and will execute the renovation, which will give Ghostrider a new profile and pace following its original footprint and pathway. Three GCII Millennium Flyer trains of 24 passengers each will run on the course, which will no longer be interrupted with a block brake. The original gold, silver, and bronze trains of seven two-bench cars from Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc., will be retired. Ghostrider, which operates in a hot, dry climate at high capacity and huge dimensions in a park that's open 364 days a year, can truly be called one of the hardest-working wooden roller coasters in the world. The ride closed in September to begin the project and will reopen next summer.

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