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SBNO Safari Kiddie Coaster Saved

International Rides Management (IRM Rides) Vice President of Sales and longtime ACE member, Samuel Shurgott, has personally purchased the SBNO Safari Kiddie Coaster, a 1985 Allen Hershel model that was previously located at Fun Spot in Angola, Indiana. Earlier in November, the coaster was dismantled and transported to its new home, at Bell's Amusement Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

One could consider the coaster a gift to the park, as it's essentially on indefinite loan to the reincarnated Bell's. The ride will be repainted, repaired, and renamed, and will operate year round on weekends.

An entire second complete set of track and supports, along with an extra coaster car also was purchased to supply the original ride with enough parts and a possible expansion in the future.

Several extra pieces of track, supports and the extra car will likely be donated to the National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives (NRCMA) in the future, once all the rehab work is complete.


Photo by Sue Yekel. View full-sized image.
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