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New Coasters Open Across Europe

Heide Park in Germany has premiered Flug de Damonen, a B&M wing coaster with five inversions and some creative environmental interactions.

Alpina Blitz has opened at France's Nigloland, an intense-looking "hemi-hyper" at 104 feet tall from Mack Rides.

The new Sky Scream has made its launch at Germany's Holiday Park. The very vertical triple-LSM coaster is a creation of Premier Rides.

Helix, a tour-de-force coaster creation from Mack Rides, debuts April 26 at Liseberg Park in Sweden. With two launches and seven inversions, Helix has been intricately designed and installed into the same hilly terrain as the famous Lisebergbanan (Schwarzkopf, 1987) with the two coasters crossing paths at many points.

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