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2016 Officer Election Nominees Announced

2016 is an election year for the ACE officer positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The nomination period has closed and the candidates are as follows:


  • Jerry Willard
  • Vice President:

  • David Lipnicky
  • Robert Ulrich
  • Treasurer:

  • John Gerard
  • Jeff Niemiec
  • Secretary:

  • Cheri Armstrong
  • Mike Thompson
  • The candidates have until April 30, 2016, to submit their platform statements, which will be posted online and included with the June ACE News.

    As per the ACE Election Procedures and Guidelines, "On or about June 15 of the election year, ballots reflecting the nominations, and providing for write-in votes for alternate candidates, shall be sent to all members in good standing. Returned ballots shall be postmarked or electronically stamped no later than July 15 and received no later than August 1 to be valid."

    Ballots will be mailed to members who do not have a valid email address; otherwise ballots are emailed.

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    ACE News Now Editor

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