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SeaWorld San Antonio Adding $18 million Roller Coaster in 2017

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. has announced plans to build an $18 million roller coaster at its San Antonio park.

Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster is intended to simulate animal rescue operations and will capitalize on Sea Rescue, the ABC television show produced in collaboration with SeaWorld. The coaster train will feature cars that look like the jet skis used on the program.

With a height of 61 feet and reaching a top speed of 44 mph, the family ride won't skimp on the fun. Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster riders will be caught up in the thrills of the coaster's two magnetic launches and its airtime moments. Passengers will straddle the coaster's seats and hang on to handlebars creating the sensation that riders are racing across the park's Ski Lake as the majority of the coaster's 2,600-foot track will be directly over water.

Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster marks a major addition to SeaWorld San Antonio's coaster portfolio, making a total of four coaster experiences and spanning a range of ages and thrill, by joining: The Great White - a floorless steel rollercoaster challenges riders to 360-degree flips, breathtaking loops, corkscrews and thrilling curves at speeds of up to 50 mph; Steel Eel - a true hypercoaster featuring a 15-story vertical drop, followed by a series of camelbacks giving riders periods of weightlessness and Shamu Express - a junior-sized coaster perfect for families with younger children.


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