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Launched Coaster Heading to the Netherlands

The first triple-launch coaster in the Netherlands - twice forward and once backward - will debut in 2017 at Slagharen Theme Park and Resort, in Slagharen.

Gold Rush, supplied by German manufacturer Gerstlauer, will feature two inversions, one sling loop and one dive loop, as well as a camelback and over-banked helix curve. Themed on the 1848 California Gold Rush, the coaster will reach a maximum speed of 56 mph over a track length of 1,312 feet. Passengers will board a single, wide train that will have five rows of four seats across.

The addition of Gold Rush brings the removal of the iconic Thunder Loop, an Anton Schwarzkopf Looping Star ride, which first opened in the park 37 years ago.

You van view an animated video of Gold Rush here .

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