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Suspended Family Coaster Coming to Dutch Wonderland

The concept behind Merlin's Mayhem is tied to Merlin, the legendary magician and one of Dutch Wonderland's mascots, and a chase to recapture Merlin's pet dragon, Mayhem, who has disappeared into the park.

Thematic events begin in the queue and reveal the story of Mayhem and Merlin. Once guests board the train, Merlin will begin giving clues and encouragement through on-board audio within the seats. As the enchanted flying machine returns to the station, the mischievous Mayhem is safely reunited with Merlin.

Merlin's Mayhem, manufactured by S&S Worldwide, will be 60 feet high and will include two helix turns. The ride will be open to guests 39 inches and taller and is expected to open in the summer of 2017.


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