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SeaWorld San Diego Announces New Coaster for 2018

With just mere days into 2017, SeaWorld San Diego announced a new roller coaster coming in Summer 2018. Called Electric Eel, this Premier Rides Sky Rocket II model will be the second for the chain.

The first was at Busch Gardens Williamsburg with 2015's Tempesto. This model coaster stands 150 feet tall where riders enter a heartline inversion at the highest point.

As SeaWorld does so well, the park will intertwine a ride experience with the storyline surrounding eels. Complementing the roller coaster will be a live eel habitat that arrives this year with the park's Ocean Explorer experience. Electric Eel will be Phase II to this new area of the park.

SeaWorld San Diego has always been focused on families for more than five decades. This is the first true foray into thrill-seeking territory. "It keeps balance," Brian Morrow, Vice President of Theme Park Experience Design, told ACE. "When this whole area is done, it will have five new rides, two aquariums and a new dining experience; it will be a fully rounded out land in the park."

When opened, SeaWorld will then have three coaster experiences interspersed with other rides and the animal experiences. This will be the park's fastest and tallest, that not only includes a triple launch, but also visitors their first upside down view of Mission Bay.


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