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Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster to Debut at Six Flags New England

The world's first mixed reality experience on a virtual reality (VR) coaster is heading to Six Flags New England this spring. In partnership with Samsung, New England's largest theme park is taking its signature brand of thrills to the next level and beyond in a fully immersive, virtual riding experience on the park's iconic steel coaster, Mind Eraser.

Mind Eraser celebrates its 20th birthday this season, timed to the launch of Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster. The coaster is also being outfitted with brand new restraints for a more comfortable, smoother and exhilarating ride experience.

When riders board the coaster and don their Samsung Gear VR headsets, they will be introduced to the device's passthrough camera functionality, instantly making riders aware of their surroundings by allowing them to see the "real world," including the person seated next to them - along with virtual content.

As they get settled into the ride, a heads up display overlay on the passthrough camera view will show data like current status of weaponry, time codes, fuel cells, and a countdown clock. Cresting the lift hill, a massive, swirling wormhole comes into view. As the ride progresses, the mixed reality view changes to a completely immersive, virtual reality environment and a fighter spaceship cockpit materializes enveloping the riders into a tunnel of light. Riders are launched into the middle of a space battle, coming under attack from flying drones firing lasers and missiles. After swinging through tight channels, narrowly dodging drones and artillery fire, riders are brought into one of three drone bays, each of which offers a completely different gaming experience and different ending.

Galactic Attack Virtual Reality Coaster will premier to season pass holders on April 8 and 9 followed by its grand opening to the public on Monday, April 10.


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