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Holiday World Announces Pilgrims Plunge

Holiday World’s 2009 attraction will be a new take on the classic shoot-the-chutes ride. Pilgrims Plunge will feature an elevator-type lift system that will transport a 10-passenger boat to a record-breaking height of 135 feet. From there, the boats will drop 131 feet at a 45-degree angle into the splash pool below reaching a speed of 50 mph and sending up a wall of water some 45 feet high. Just in case there are any dry spots left after the initial plunge, the boats will meander down a small river complete with geysers. The attraction will be situated between the park and Splashin’ Safari and dual access will allow guests from both parks to enjoy a good drenching. The $4.3 million ride will be designed and built by Intamin Ltd. of Switzerland and is part of an $8.4 million expansion project for 2009.

For more information and to take a virtual ride, visit Holiday World's website.


Pilgrims Plunge image courtesy of Holiday World . View full-sized image.
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