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Son of Beast Now Open

On July 4, Kings Island reopened the massive wooden roller coaster just in time for Independence Day crowds. Son of Beast was closed for almost a full year after an accident caused mostly minor injuries to 27 riders on July 9, 2006. A flaw in the structure caused wooden beams to crack because they couldn't support the weight of the trains. A slight dip in the track caused by the failed beams jostled riders. The Premier trains have been replaced with Gerstlauer trains that were purchased from Myrtle Beach Pavilion. That park closed last year and the Hurricane coaster was destroyed. In order to accommodate a more traditional wood coaster train, the famous loop was removed, and the coaster was retracked to a more conventional gauge.

Son of Beast opened on May 26, 2000 as the tallest and fastest wooden coaster, and only wooden roller coaster with a loop.

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