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Prowler to be unleashed at World's of Fun

Worlds of Fun in Kansas City Missouri has announced Prowler, a GCII wood coaster scheduled to open spring 2009. The $8 million coaster is located in the Africa section and will make use of the wooded natural terrain in that area.

Prowler will begin its two and half minute journey with a swooping 85 foot drop into a ravine, reaching a top speed of 51 mph. Utilizing the terrain, the coaster will feature a total elevation change of 102 feet as it races along 3,074 feet of track. Two 24-passenger Millennium Flyer trains will feature a metallic blue, green and copper color scheme.

Prowler will bring the current coaster count at Worlds of Fun up to seven. Since the opening of the park in 1973, eleven roller coasters have called Worlds of Fun home. For additional details and to take a virtual ride, visit the Prowler website.


artist's rendition courtesy Worlds of Fun. View full-sized image.
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