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Carolina Cobra Coming to Carowinds

While the carcass of the former Geauga Lake Park continues to get picked apart, ACE has learned that one more coaster will be relocated to another park within the chain. Though two wooden coasters have been lost, and a classic third is in serious jeopardy, preservationists everywhere can revel in the knowledge that an old Vekoma Boomerang has been given a new lease on life.

The coaster formerly known as Mind Eraser, then later Head Spin has gone serpenty and migrated to the South. To be known as the Carolina Cobra, the Boomerang will be poised near the entrance of the waterpark. Of note the coaster will receive a new train that according to the press release "will create an aerodynamic experience unlike any other on a coaster as riders undergo the sensations of wind and speed at an amplified level. With its narrowed nose and widened harnesses, Carolina Cobra is sure to provide a smooth ride."

We remain cautiously optimistic.

Carowinds diverse collection of coasters will remain at twelve as Flying Super Saturator was removed at the end of this season.

The marketing department as gone all out promoting their "new" attraction, creating a snazzy new logo, and a pretty elaborate website for the coaster that even includes a webcam. Should you wish to avail yourself of additional information, be sure to take a look.

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