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Mean Streak + RMC = Cedar Point's Newest Coaster

For years coaster fans have been of the opinion that Cedar Point should convert its old, rough, wooden coaster Mean Streak into a hybrid, which would allow it to become, if nothing else, smoother, and an all-around better ride experience. Well, that wish is being granted!

The company doing the conversion is Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), famous for rides such as Twisted Colossus, New Texas Giant, and the world's first launched wooden roller coaster, Lightning Rod.

Although the Sandusky, Ohio, park is currently closed until May, a photo has been released of the first major element following the main drop so we can get a look at what will be RMC's 13th roller coaster.

The picture shown here was taken this past February. Since then, an amazing amount of progress has been made, including the complete removal of the old wooden track, and the placement of this new, steel track, on Mean Streak's first two turns.

Coaster fans have been watching the progress like a hawk, but it's a little difficult since the public is not allowed on property while the park is closed. However, as it gets closer to a 2017 park opening, Cedar Point has dropped its first official tease for the 2018 creation via Twitter.


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