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Six Flags Magic Mountain announces Terminator: The Coaster

On October 22, Six Flags Magic Mountain officially announced Terminator: The Coaster for the 2009 season. The debut of this peculiarly-named coaster is scheduled to coincide with the release of the film Terminator Salvation next year.

"Our mission at Six Flags Magic Mountain is to provide entertainment that appeals to a wide range of tastes and this specially designed wooden coaster will be a proven winner among guests of all ages," said Jay Thomas, Six Flags Magic Mountain's Park President. "Designed around the theme of the successful Terminator movie brand, this ride will draw thrill seekers from around the world."

Built by Great Coasters International Incorporated, the $10 million wood coaster will feature a loading station "fly-thru," a state-of-the-art sight and sound package, and unique queue line and on-board entertainment elements. The coaster will feature five hills and six high speed banked turns as it traverses the 2,850 feet of track.

Terminator: The Coaster will be located in the northwest corner of the park, next to Déjà Vu pretty much on the site of the Psyclone the former Dinn and Summers woodie that was removed in 2006. With the addition of Terminator: The Coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain will be home to 16 coasters. For additional information including a concept video, visit the Six Flags website.


Concept art courtesy of SFMM. View full-sized image.
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