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Celebration City Has Closed

Celebation City in Branson, Missouri closed at the end of the day on Saturday, October 25. Owners of the park, Herschend Family Entertainment (HFE) cited a shift in business strategy as the reason for the park’s closure. The company is exploring various new development concepts for the site including an aquarium, other family attractions, re-theming the current park and also, destination retail and dining.

The park originally opened as Branson, USA in 1999 and was purchased by HFE in 2002. It re-opened in 2003 as Celebration City, a nighttime park to compliment nearby Silver Dollar City.

Celebration City is home to three coasters: Thunderbolt an SDC Windstorm that has been at the park since it opened in 1999 (originally Firestorm); Jack Rabbit a steel Miler coaster that was added in 2003; and the highly acclaimed GCII wooden coaster Ozark Wildcat that was also added to the park in 2003. The fate of all three coasters is unknown at this time.

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