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Hard Rock Park for Sale

After only six months of operation, the $400 million theme park has been offered for sale. The current owners hope to have the park sold by the end of the year, and will not reopen in 2009 if the park is not sold.

Hard Rock Park had a soft opening in April of this year after seven years of planning and development. By the time the park opened little of the development money was left for advertising, and the downturn in economy and the current credit crisis made it impossible to borrow more. The park had projected attracting about 30,000 people a day and 3 million a year, but attendance fell far short of that (well-established Cedar Point barely manages 3 million per year). By September, park executives filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and closed the park for the season.

Hard Rock Park is home to five steel roller coasters including a B&M multi-element coaster.

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