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Golden Nugget Track Purchased by Knoebels

After much speculation Amusement Today revealed on January 26 that the Golden Nugget track was purchased by Knoebels Amusement Resort. There are no immediate plans to install the ride at Knoebels and a final location, or design/concept have not yet been determined. Dick Knoebel, president of Knoebels Amusement Resort, said, “I’ve always liked the Golden Nugget and we’re excited about bringing it to Knoebels but we are not going to rush the project. We want to be sure that it is restored in a manner that both acknowledges the ride’s past and looks to its future at Knoebels.”

The Golden Nugget last operated in 1998 and was originally built for Hunt’s Pier in 1960 by PTC. Designed by John Allen, it is the only steel coaster PTC ever built. After several ownership changes the pier, including the Golden Nugget was purchased by Morey’s Piers in 1999. Morey’s looked at several options for restoring the ride but eventually decided it was just not viable given New Jersey state regulations and current industry standards.

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