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Additional Buyers Interested in Hard Rock Park

According to court documents, 11 groups have toured the park and made offers since the bankruptcy converted from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7. FPI’s offer of $25 million is the highest and best offer received by the Trustee for the purchased assets.

However, Mark Lazarus, who owns Wild Water and Wheels in Surfside Beach, said he's working with a group of investors. That group plans to submit an offer to the court before by Friday, February 13.

In the meantime a little more has been learned about the newly incorporated FPI MB Entertainment, LLC. Members of that group include Freestyle Park International, a division of MT Development of Moscow; Florida-based Roundbox Advisors, LLC; and a group of Myrtle Beach area investors. The corporation promises to reveal more about itself if their proposal is approved.

All proposals must be approved by the bankruptcy court. The park was originally valued at $400 million.

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