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Camelot Theme Park to Close?

Camelot Theme Park in Lancashire, England has gone into receivership. Over the past several years visitor numbers have declined and the park was only open about 20 weeks out of the year. The park was scheduled to open on April 4 of this year. The current owners had been pursuing plans to the close the park and build a new village on the site. Receivers say they are optimistic about finding a buyer for the hotel on the property, but the park looks unlikely to reopen in April.

Camelot Theme Park was home to a Pinfari Big Apple Coaster, and a Zyklon 42 Loop as well as Gauntlet, a custom Maurer Söhne spinning coaster. Knightmare a highly-regarded custom Zierer/Schwarzkopf coaster was moved to the park in 2007 from Kobe Portopialand in Japan.

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