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Final Fadeout for Firehawk

Kings Island (Mason, Ohio) has announced it will close and remove Firehawk, the park's Vekoma Flying Dutchman coaster, which has tossed and twirled riders at the park since 2007.

Originally constructed in 2001 as X-Flight at Geauga Lake (then Six Flags Worlds of Adventure), the coaster operated there through 2006 before being moved to Kings Island.

While the mystery of which coaster would be retired played out over a week, Kings Island kept to its fun and devious form in planting cryptic (or confusing) clues before announcing Firehawk as the doomed attraction. Final flights on Firehawk will be given over the last weekend of Halloween Haunt and Great Pumpkin Fest, October 26-28. It's presumed the site will be used for development of a new major attraction in 2020 or later, which may also occupy the nearby acreage recently vacated by Dinosaurs Alive, and then some.

Two Vekoma Flying Dutchman coasters remain operating: Batwing at Six Flags America (2001), and Nighthawk at Carowinds (originally Stealth at Paramount's Great America, built 2000, relocated 2003).


Photo by: Dave Jackson. View full-sized image.
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