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ACE announces 2019 Preservation Conference.

Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville, Kentucky, and Camden Park in Huntington, West Virginia, will co-host the 2019 ACE Preservation Conference, May 10-12, 2019.

In its entirety, Kentucky Kingdom is a success of preservation, having been revived from previous management failures and revitalized to notably greater heights on two separate occasions, in 1989 and 2014, both revivals owed to the efforts of amusement park visionary Ed Hart. The most recent rebirth has included the restoration of the wooden coaster Thunder Run, introduction of the new steel coaster Lightning Run and the re-creation of the former Twisted Twins into the steel-tracked RMC Storm Chaser.

The historic and traditional Camden Park is home to two rare ACE Coaster Classics, the 1958 Big Dipper and the 1961 Lil' Dipper, both from National Amusement Devices; a gravity dark ride from Pretzel; and a wonderfully modest collection of classic old rides and fixtures. The last national ACE event co-hosted by Camden Park was Coaster Con XIV in 1991.

Details on the 2019 Spring Conference will be available as they are coordinated and affirmed by ACE Events Director Steve Berto and the Events Committee.


Photo by: Howard Gillooly. View full-sized image.
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