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Conneaut Lake Park to Reopen

Although there has been no formal announcement or press release, the operating hours page of the Conneaut Lake Park website indicates the park will be open for the 2009 season. However, the Blue Streak may not run until the following year.

The park opened as Exposition Park in 1892 and operated until 1994 and has struggled ever since. It was closed in 1995, then reopened in 1996 and managed to operate until 2006.

Conneaut Lake Park is home to three roller coasters including the ACE Coaster Classic Blue Streak, built in 1938 and one of the few Edward Vettel coasters still in existence. Blue Streak was also named an ACE Coaster Landmark in 2007, but the park did not open that year, and the plaque has yet to be presented.

Conneaut Lake Park is scheduled to be a part of Coaster Con XXXIII in 2010.

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