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Texas Giant will not operate in 2010

As rumors were starting to increase, official word has finally come – Texas Giant will not operate in 2010. Six Flags Over Texas will start a transformation of the world famous woodie next season, debuting the new-and-improved version for the park’s 50th anniversary in 2011, just in time for Coaster Con XXXIV.

The announcement of the refurbishment to Texas Giant came about in an earnings call from Six Flags CEO Mark Shapiro on March 16, 2009. While an official press release is yet to come, there are many questions that arise from such an intriguing venture. New trains and obviously significant structure work will be in order. But what changes might occur is yet to be defined. “We’ll be adding some new elements and exciting changes,” one Six Flags source says. Six Flags has also not released which company will oversee the rebuilding. ACE News has learned that at least two companies have bid on the project, but it is unclear at this time, which or if either of these two have been selected to take on the challenge.

New elements and major work to track and structure will be part of the $10 million overhaul. Which trains will operate on the new version will depend upon which proposal is accepted by Six Flags.

For full coverage of this announcement, see the April issue of ACE News.

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