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Starliner to be Rebuilt in Florida

For four decades, Starliner was located on land now used as parking for a water park in Panama City Beach, Florida. The owners of the current Miracle Strip Pier Park have recently secured the land and financing for the classic Starliner wooden roller coaster to open by next spring.

The new Starliner will have an upgraded design with an altered lift hill, but the rest of the coaster's out-and-back layout will remain unchanged. Great Coasters International Inc. has been hired to build the ride and it is hoped there will be a groundbreaking in late October.

Starliner is the oldest wooden roller coaster in the state of Florida. It was originally designed by renowned coaster designer John Allen and built by Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1963.

The Miracle Strip Amusement Park Starliner was relocated to Cypress Gardens in central Florida after the original Miracle Strip closed in Panama City Beach. The coaster was shuttered after Cypress Gardens was transformed into Legoland Florida.

The new park location, about 250 feet away from Pier Park, opened in April of 2014. Starliner 2.0, as it will be called, will weave around much of the new Miracle Strip property. The plan is to have a dragon head tunnel, similar to that of the original tunnel, and to have a portion of the structure jut out into the water.


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