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Magic Mountain's Colossus Catches Fire

Fire damaged the iconic Colossus roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Monday, September 8, a little over three weeks after the ride closed for renovation.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department was called to the scene at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Santa Clarita just after 1:30 p.m., responding to a blaze that rose from the top of the lift hill. As the fire department battled the flames, planks began to fall to the ground below, and part of the track completely collapsed. The park was not open at the time.

Contractors had been working on disassembly of the ride when the structure caught fire. Heat equipment was being used, an official later stated. There were no injuries, and the blaze was out by 2:12 p.m.

It was not clear where the crews had been working or what kind of tools they were using when the fire erupted, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

The opening of Twisted Colossus, the hybrid coaster that will replace Colossus, is not expected to be delayed.


Photo by: Adrian Lloyd. View full-sized image.
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