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Six Flags Reveals New Names for Rethemed Coasters

Last September when Six Flags announced a makeover for Superman Ride of Steel no one expected this four-time winner of the Golden Ticket awards for best steel coaster would be renamed, but Six Flags has done just that. On April 1, the announcement was made that the number one Ride of Steel will now be called Bizarro, but they didn't stop there—Great Adventure's Medusa, the world's first floorless coaster will receive the same new moniker.

During the off-season, both coasters were painted blue and purple, had the queue areas rethemed, an audio system added to the trains, and special effects added to the course of the ride.

Bizarro, known for his clumsy and destructive attempts to emulate Superman, has been one of the central characters in the Superman comics series since 1958. The experience begins when riders enter the ride queue where they will get briefed on the mysterious background of the Bizarro character prior to boarding the coaster.

Both coasters are expected to make their debut on Memorial Day weekend, although the parks are scheduled to open before then.


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