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Geauga Lake Locals Hoping to Save Big Dipper

A group of local Geauga Lake fans connected with the website are organizing a town hall meeting to celebrate the history of Geauga Lake amusement park, as well as expressing support for the Big Dipper’s preservation. The meeting will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2009 at noon in the VFW hall, 1033 North Aurora Road in Aurora, across Route 43 from the Geauga Lake ballroom.

Geauga Lake photographs, artifacts and memorabilia will be on display, and several speakers will address the audience. Nationally known amusement park historians and authors, Charles Jacques and Jim Futrell, will talk about the history of Big Dipper and Geauga Lake Park. ACE Preservation Director Howard Gillooly will discuss how other historic coasters have been saved, and how coasters like Big Dipper have been incorporated into retail and entertainment venues.

For more information and an event flyer visit the Geauga Lake: Today & Forever website.

Big Dipper is the only coaster still intact at the park that at its peak was home to ten roller coasters. The 1925 Big Dipper is designated an ACE coaster classic, and is one of the few remaining John Miller coasters in existence.

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