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Two Geauga Lake Coasters Relocated

Cedar Fair has announced new homes for the first two of the now closed Geauga Lake Park’s coasters. Thunderhawk, a Vekoma SLC will be relocated to Michigan’s Adventure. The coaster will keep the same name and will be located near RipCord and Adventure Falls. Thunderhawk will be the first SLC coaster in the state of Michigan. The Vekoma SLC was originally installed as Serial Thriller at Geauga Lake in 1998 when the park was still owned by Premier Parks.

Dominator will also keep its name and head southeast to Kings Dominion in Richmond, Virginia. The coaster is being reconstructed east of International Street, behind Berserker, the park’s looping Viking ship. The floorless Dominator will be the first B&M coaster at the Dominion, and its three train operation will bring a much needed high-capacity ride to the park. Dominator was originally installed as Batman Knight Flight in 2000 when Geauga Lake was rebranded as Six Flags Ohio.

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