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Worlds of Fun Unleashes Prowler

Prowler, Worlds of Fun’s newest coaster opened to the press and season passholders on Friday, May 1 and the public on May 2. Nestled within the African section of the park, the newest thriller from Great Coasters International, Inc. (GCII) stands 85 feet tall but the complete course has an elevation change of 102 feet. Unlike the signature twisters for which GCII is known, Prowler stretches into the woods in an elongated out-and-back run—with a GCII twist. Aside from the lift and first drop, the bulk of the ride tears through the trees on an exhilarating chase, hidden from view of the general public. The entire ride is filled with air time as the Millennium Flyer trains sizzle over low-to-the-ground maneuvers, with the final approach to the station working spectacularly well.

Worlds of Fun is currently home to seven coasters, including Timber Wolf one of the first wooden coasters from the Dinn & Summers era. The last new coaster built at the park was Patriot, a B&M suspended that opened three years ago.

Worlds of Fun is co-host to Coaster Con XXXII this June and attendees can look forward to plenty of ERT, including a late-night session scheduled to run until 12:30 a.m.


Photo by: Gary Slade. View full-sized image.
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