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SeaWorld's Manta Officially Open

After several days of soft opening, SeaWorld Orlando officially debuted Manta over Memorial Day weekend. As the fifth B&M flying coaster in the U.S., Manta is easily the most thematic installation of the genre to be seen. Three trains negotiate 3,350 feet of track which includes four inversions and visual encounters with water. The most notable highlight is the banked dive down to the surface of a lagoon. Timed jets give the appearance of the train cutting through the water as it skims closely to the surface. A near miss with a waterfall and flying over other water areas and landscape make it a world-class attraction, which seems to be the norm in regards to Busch coasters.

The attraction also includes an underground aquarium, which is partially visible from the queue line. Ten separate aquariums house thousands of sea life animals in Manta's habitat, including over 300 rays in a stunning exhibit that has rays swimming mere feet above the guests heads. A pop up aquarium allows smaller guests to emerge into a habitat allowing fish to be seen from all directions.

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