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Terminator Salvation: The Ride debuts at Six Flags Magic Mountain

The movie may be getting mixed reviews but fans are raving over Terminator Salvation: The Ride. This latest woodie from GCII features a station fly-through tunnel, two mist-filled tunnels, flame effects and an audio soundtrack. Guests encounter five airtime hills and six high-speed banked turns along the 2,850 feet of track. The ride is reportedly smooth, fast and intense from start to finish.

Apocalyptic theming is evident all around the coaster and the shaded outdoor queue leads into three rooms where guests are brought up to speed. Pre-show material produced with the stars from the movie also features footage of Magic Mountain. The theming continues as guests enter the loading station and board futuristic-looking Millennium Flyer trains complete with a rather loud soundtrack that plays throughout the entire ride.

Terminator Salvation: The Ride is the 16th coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The park operates year-round and is open daily through mid-September.

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