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Premier LSM-launched coaster to debut at Kennywood

Kennywood has announced a new coaster for the 2010 season. The as yet unnamed ride will launch two trains of twelve passengers each to a speed of 50 mph heading straight up into a tophat element. Following a vertical dive riders will next encounter an inverted tophat. The 2100-foot layout will also include a second vertical dive, a barrel roll, a highly banked fan curve, traditional corkscrew, zero-G hill and something referred to as a "wave turns." The new coaster, manufactured by Premier Rides of Millersville, Maryland, will be 95 feet tall and will be installed at the front of the park in the area now occupied by the Turnpike ride. The venerable 1966 Turnpike ride which was converted to electric cars in 1989 will be removed at the end of the season. However, according to the press release, the Turnpike car ride is expected to be brought back in the near future.

Kennywood expects to have the new ride open in time for Coaster Con XXXIII. The last major coaster installation at the park was The Exterminator which debuted in 1999. Animation of the new ride is available in the Kennywood Website.

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