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Kings Dominion to introduce $25 million Giga-Coaster in 2010

Intimidator 305 will stand a towering 305 feet, feature a 300-foot drop at an 85-degree angle and race at speeds in excess of 90 mph along 5,100 feet of track.

Intimidator 305 takes its name from stock car racer Dale Earnhardt, known as "the intimidator."

Following the initial 300-foot plunge, riders will be thrust immediately into a high speed turn, then encounter six airtime speed hills and additional high speed turns during the three minute race to the finish.

The ride was designed by Intamin AG of Wollerau, Switzerland, and is scheduled to open in the spring of 2010.

For additional information and to take a virtual ride. Visit the park's website:


Photo by: Artist's rendition courtesy of Kings Dominion. View full-sized image.
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