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La Ronde says Oui to SLC

Most attendees of the recent ACE summer conference already knew what was happening, but on Thursday, September 24, La Ronde made it official. The 1999 Vekoma SLC from Six Flags Astroworld will make its new home at the Montreal park. The five inversion coaster will be installed at the edge of lac des Dauphins, and more than half of the ride will be over the water. The coaster does not yet have a name, but La Ronde will unveil the new ride’s name and other details on its Facebook page and web site.

La Ronde is home to nine coasters including Vampire, a 2002 inverted Batman the Ride clone from B&M. La Ronde will be the first park to have two full-circuit inverted coasters from different manufacturers, one from B&M and one from Vekoma.

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