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Gravitykraft Timberliner Trains to Debut on The Voyage

On Monday November 9, Holiday World announced that The Voyage will receive Timberliner trains for the 2010 season. The two 28-passenger trains will be produced by Gravitykraft Corporation a sister company to The Gravity Group, the engineering firm that designed The Voyage.

The new trains are engineered to steer through curves as they move along the coaster track, resulting in less wear and tear on the track. The improved tracking will likely result in a faster and smoother ride. The seats are ergonomically designed for greater comfort, including an exclusive seat-suspension design. The padded seats will also accommodate wider-hipped and longer-legged riders.

The new trains are expected to be ready when the park opens for the 2010 season in May.


Artist rendition courtesy of Holiday World. View full-sized image.
Artist rendition courtesy of Holiday World . View full-sized image.
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