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Dreamland's Scenic Railway to be Rebuilt

The Dreamland Trust, caretakers of the Dreamland Amusement Park in Margate, Kent, England has received a £3.7 million (US$6.21 million) government grant. It is the largest grant out of seven made in the British Government's 2009 Sea Change programme which aims to regenerate rundown coastal resorts through culture and heritage.

The trust plans to restore the 1920 Scenic Railway and open an amusement park based on vintage rides, many of which have been acquired over the last several years and are currently in storage. Dreamland's Scenic Railway, an ACE coaster classic, is the oldest surviving roller coaster in the UK and one of oldest coasters in the world. The park closed in 2006 and the coaster was badly damaged in an arson attack last year.


Photo by Bobby Nagy. View full-sized image.
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