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Little Dipper to remain in Chicago area

Rides from the closed Kiddieland Park in Melrose, Illinois went up for auction on Thursday, November 24. The Little Dipper roller coaster was sold to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois for $33,000. Six Flags plans to rebuild the ride in the park's kiddie section, possibly as soon as next year.

The 28-foot high Little Dipper, an ACE Coaster Classic, was designed by Herbert Schmeck and built by Frank Hoover in 1950. It is exciting that this historic coaster has been saved for more families and thrill-seekers in training to enjoy for years to come. Its mirror-image twin, the former Little Dipper from nearby Hillcrest Park was also saved from the wrecking ball after that park closed in 2003. It has since been resurrected as Meteor at Little Amerricka.


Photo by Gary Slade. View full-sized image.
Photo by Gary Slade. View full-sized image.
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