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Merlin Announces Legoland Florida

The Merlin Entertainments Group plans to convert the former Cypress Gardens park into the world's largest Legoland by the end of 2011. The park is expected to include between 40 to 50 main attractions including, of course, the signature Lego brick models. The historical gardens will stay intact and the water ski shows and one of the two wooden roller coasters will most likely be integrated into the new park. Merlin also plans to keep the Splash Island Waterpark operating as a separate gate.

Merlin had been searching for a location in Florida for a new Legoland park and eventually chose Cypress Gardens. Renovating an existing park instead of building one from scratch will save a considerable amount of time and money.

When Cypress Gardens closed the ride section of the park in November, 2008, four steel coasters and two wooden coasters were in operation. Although it is not certain at this time if all of the coasters are still on the property, the press release does confirm that the two wooden coasters are still on site. Local ACEers have reported that the two Vekoma rides, Okechobee Rampage and Swamp Thing can be seen from the road.

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