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Zippin Pippin Sale Proceeding

The Mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsin is proceeding with plans to purchase Zippin Pippin for its historic Bay Beach amusement park. On January 28, the city of Memphis began dismantling the coaster, however on Thursday February 4 a large section of the ride collapsed, and crews simply demolished what was remaining.

Steve Mulroy, president of Save Libertyland! Inc., the nonprofit group negotiating the sale of the venerable roller coaster said that while Green Bay is buying the rights to all of Zippin Pippin's material, most of the wood, which has been exposed to the elements since the Libertyland amusement park closed in 2005, could not be used.

According to Mulroy, Bay Beach is acquiring the name, design and configuration of the roller coaster. "They'll be able to say the only Zippin Pippin in the world is in Green Bay," he said. "Some of the wood is salvageable. Some of it isn't. They're still trying to figure that out. Frankly, Green Bay may only use a small portion of that wood."

The mayor of Green Bay will take the proposed purchase to his parks committee next week, with full city council approval likely in March.

Bay Beach is a city-owned and operated amusement park that can trace its roots back to 1892. It has been home to two roller coasters, an unnamed coaster which operated from 1901 to 1928, and Greyhound which operated from 1929 to 1936. The park was donated to the city of Green Bay in 1920 and the city leased out the operation of the park until 1950 when the Park and Recreation Department took full control. It is currently home to over 15 rides ranging from children's rides to bumper cars, a Ferris wheel and carousel.

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