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Texas Giant to Become a Steel Coaster

Six Flags Over Texas brought the media in for what should be a first among released details about the $10 million renovation. And it was a doozy. With no forthcoming details about trains or special effects, the March 3 announcement concerned itself only with the track. Red steel I-beam will soon replace the entire track layout of the Texas Giant.

Park President Steve Martindale termed it a "hybrid." Among the fascinating details is a list of changes that is sure to make the ride more thrilling. Ten additional feet added to the former woodie will place it at a height of 153 feet. The new first drop will be a dramatically steeper 79 degrees and the coaster will incorporate extremely-banked turns up to 95 degrees. The park boasts these as world records for a wooden coaster.

Fantastic as those records are, coaster fans are quick to point out that the Giant will no longer be a wooden coaster as no wood will be used on the track at all. The ride introduces "Iron Horse Coaster " steel track that will be bolted into place similar to the wooden track used at sister park Six Flags Great Adventure on El Toro. Like that woodie, the new Giant is engineered to be exceptionally smooth. The new top speed of 65 m.p.h. will exceed the ride's original speed when it opened in 1990.

The enthusiast community has immediately seen an entire span of opinions ranging from those feeling it is blasphemy to the eagerly excited who can't wait to experience what could be better than the original. Six Flags is confident in their decision. "The ride is going to take the entire industry by storm," comments Martindale. To be sure, it is such a bold move that all eyes will be watching this historical transformation.


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