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Eagle's Fortress to be Removed

Sources have confirmed that Eagle's Fortress, the 1992 Arrow Suspended at Everland in Yongin Farmland, South Korea is scheduled to be removed. The coaster has been closed for over a year as Everland evaluated the coaster and explored various options. The park did extensive refurbishing of Rolling X Train, its 1988 Arrow double loop and corkscrew coaster. It was hoped that the park would also refurbish the suspended coaster.

Eagle's Fortress was considered by many enthusiasts to be the best of the Arrow suspended coasters. It took advantage of a natural hillside offering non-stop action after departing from the lift-hill all the way to the station. At 3,200 feet it was the longest Arrow suspended ever built.

Everland is home to three other coasters including T-Express, a highly regarded Intamin wooden coaster. The closure of Eagle's Fortress reduces the number of adult coasters to just two for this very large park that is open every day of the year. Although nothing has been announced, we can probably expect to see another significant attraction in the near future.

To see Eagle's Fortress in action, visit the Coastertube website at this link.


Photo by: Lisa Scheinin. View full-sized image.
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