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ACE donates $10,000 to Conneaut Lake Park for Restoration of Blue Streak

On Thursday, June 24, attendees of ACE's annual convention, Coaster Con, visited Conneaut Lake Park in Western Pennsylvania. ACE had already donated $5,000 to a special fund that the park set up to repair the Blue Streak Roller Coaster. But during the ACE Roller Coaster Landmark plaque presentation, President Mark Cole announced that ACE was giving Conneaut Lake Park an additional $5,000 as well.

"We're here to show our support for the park, for the restoration of the Blue Streak and for the ongoing business of the park. It's a very historic park," said Cole, of Jacksonville, Fla. "One of the things we do is support the historic parks and historic coasters. They are important to us because there aren't many around like this one anymore."

The 1938 Vettel-designed Blue Streak was designated an ACE Roller Coaster Landmark in 2007, but the park did not open that year, and the plaque was never presented. Since Coaster Con XXXIII was taking place in Western Pennsylvania, it was the perfect time for ACE to visit the park to show its support, present the Landmark Plaque to the park, and make an additional donation.

Attendees were unable to ride Blue Streak as it is still undergoing restoration under the direction of Lenny Adams, but work is progressing and the park owners hope to have it open before the end of summer. Adams recently completed restoration of another Vettel Coaster, Lakeside Park's Cyclone located in Denver.

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