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ACE Donates $5,000 to the Save Dreamland Campaign

Dreamland's Scenic Railway, an ACE coaster classic, is the oldest surviving roller coaster in the United Kingdom and one of oldest coasters in the world. The park closed in 2006. The Dreamland Trust was formed in 2007 to restore the coaster and reopen the historic seaside park.

Chairman of the Dreamland Trust Nick Laister said: “I would like to thank all of the members of the American Coaster Enthusiasts for this very generous donation. This demonstrates the level of international interest in the future of the Scenic Railway, which is a remarkable and fragile survivor. We will ensure that this donation is used 100% on the restoration of this roller coaster. I look forward to welcoming the members of ACE to Dreamland Margate when the Scenic Railway reopens."

President Mark Cole says: “The Scenic Railway is one of very few coasters of this type in the world. Our support of the Dreamland Trust and their mission to return the coaster to operational status is similar to the work that ACE did to restore the oldest coaster in the world several years ago. Preservation is a major part of the formation and continued work of ACE. We look forward to returning to ride Scenic Railway in the not too distant future”.

The Dreamland Trust plans to restore the 1920 Scenic Railway and open an amusement park based on vintage rides, many of which have been acquired over the last several years and are currently in storage. The trust received a significant fundraising boost last November when the government awarded them a US$6.21 million grant.

For more information on the Dreamland Trust or to make an individual donation, visit the trust's website.

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