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Gröna Lund Announces Gravity Group Woodie

Gröna Lund has announced a new coaster for 2011. Named Twister, the moderate-sized coaster will stand just over 50 feet tall and feature nine drops as it twists its way along 1,575 feet of track. Situated along the edge of the coast, the coaster will twist its way through Gröna Lund's existing attractions including three of the park's coasters: Broom, Wild Mouse and Jetline. The latter two are already intertwined and share some of the same support structure. It will be interesting to see how the new woodie is added to the mix. Twister is designed by the Gravity Group, LLC of Cincinnati, Ohio. The coaster is sure to be a highlight for attendees of ACE's Scandinavian Sojourn in July, 2011.


Photo by: Courtesy of Gröna Lund. View full-sized image.
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