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Tower of Terror to Run Backwards

Tower of Terror at Dreamworld in Australia will close on August 18 for four weeks. When it reopens, the ride vehicle will be launched backwards out of the station. Tower of Terror is similar to the double-tracked Superman The Escape coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. That coaster is currently closed for painting and rehab, but there has been no mention of changing the vehicle configuration.

The Tower of Terror relaunch will include a dark narrow tunnel. As the vehicle approaches the top of the tower, riders will be looking over 300 feet straight down to the tiny tunnel opening below. After a few moments of weightlessness the car will begin its plummet back to earth only this time it's face first.

More than 8 million people have experienced Tower of Terror since it opened in 1996, according to Dreamworld. At 100 mph it is still one of the fastest coasters on the planet (currently tied for fourth place). It is expected to be relaunched in time for the September school holidays.

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