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Good news from Conneaut Lake Park

On August 31, thanks to the efforts of enthusiasts and supporters, the Blue Steak Roller Coaster at Conneaut Lake Park received enough votes in the Pepsi Refresh Project to qualify for a $50,000 grant. Coincidentally, a summer-long refurbishment of the coaster was just finishing up. Blue Streak will open at 4:00 p.m. Thursday, September 2, and operate throughout the rest of the holiday weekend. The park will also be open in October for an Oktoberfest and a Pumpkinfest

As if the good news that Blue Streak opening wasn't enough, Conneaut Lake Park has graciously invited all ACE members to visit the park on Saturday, September 4, for a special opportunity—nighttime ERT!

In appreciation of the support that ACE and its members have given to Conneaut Lake Park, the park is inviting ACE members to visit the park this Saturday, September 4. ACE members who purchase an all-day ride wristband ($19.95, or $25.75 including Splash City waterpark) on Saturday will receive a special wristband that will admit them to a special ACE-only ERT on Blue Streak from 10-11 p.m. Members need to present a valid ACE membership card at the ticket booth when purchasing a wristband. Note that Blue Streak is now an up-charge attraction not included in the ride-all-day wristband, and costs $3.00 per ride. ACE members must pay to ride Blue Streak during park hours, but it will be free during ERT.

Also, the park is offering anyone (ACE member or otherwise) who has made an individual donation of $100 or more to the Blue Streak restoration fund since their campaign was launched a FREE ride-all-day wristband valid for any one day this holiday weekend (Thursday through Monday) and that special wristband will include rides on Blue Streak. Those who qualify will need to show a photo ID at the ticket booth. Anyone wishing to donate this weekend may do so at the Conneaut Lake Park office (not the ticket booth). The special wristband offer will be available to those who donate on-site.

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